Monday, January 2, 2012

Laying the Fashion Foundation

For years I have been helping women look and feel fabulous at my boutique Diane & Co in Freehold, NJ.  I truly love my job and love making women feel glamorous.  At Diane & Co we follow one famous quote by Yves Saint Laurent, “ What is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” We call it like we see it and never sugar coat it!  The last thing this world needs is a “Fashion Diva” that says everything looks great.  If your not looking like a million bucks in a garment, we are going to tell you.  There are far too many options to settle.  As I start my journey with Bella I want all my readers to know that I will be honest and truthful and help you navigate thru the world of fashion.  As we start this glamorous journey, what better topic to kick off our fashion love affair than with undergarments.  Undergarments are Fashions’ Foundation.

Underwear- Under There 

“ I feel like a stuffed sausage,” this is a quote that is often spoken by women when trying on undergarments.  Undergarments are the foundational garments that all other clothing is layered upon.  Unfortunately it is one of the most dreaded and usually the last item that a woman thinks about when shopping for new clothing. Undergarments are what make your clothes not only look, but feel better.

The fact is that underwear give us the structure we need beneath our garments. You shouldn't consider building anything without the proper foundation, and your wardrobe is no exception.

When we talk undergarments we are not just talking Spanx.  We are talking about all the undergarments that will rid you and the women around you, the embarrassment of falling victim to some of the worst fashion faux paus.

VPLs: Visual Panty Lines           

VPLs have been affecting women as long as underwear has been in existence. Before a woman walks out of the house, she should check for 3 things: Wallet, Keys and most importantly the absence of visual panty lines. This is especially important when wearing those snug pants or the arch nemesis the white pants.  VPLs can be avoided with these quick fixes. 

·       Wear a thong. Get rid of the bottom line by eliminating it instead of trying to hide it.

·       Invest in underwear or undergarments that hold in fat. Body-shaping undies usually run from your thighs to your mid-waist, so there's no need to worry about visible panty lines.

·       Go seamless-buy panties that have a subtle hem- line, smaller stitching or are fully seamless.

The Muffin Top            

The term ‘muffin top’ not only refers to the best part of that delicious pastry, it also refers to the bulge created above the waistline when jeans hug love handles too tight.  The unsightly and unflattering muffin top all too often has nothing to do with your body, but the size and rise of your pants. 

If you are faced with the ‘muffin top’ problem, here are a few quick fixes:

·       Go up in size. If you can see your cellulite through your pants, it's time to go up a size. Only you know the size on the labels in your clothing.  In today’s fashion world, you may be a size 10 in one designer or label, then an 8 or even a 4 in another.  You must try pants on and go for the size that fits (without creating the muffin top) rather than sticking to your standard or what you think is your standard size.

·       You may need to switch from a low-rise to a mid-rise.  Although a certain pant rise may be in style, it may not be stylish on you. Go with a cut that fits your body type.  A mid or even high rise can flatter your mid section and eliminate all muffins.

Hike up the girls- Get a great bra….. that fits!

Clothing should not - let me repeat: should not - be a second skin and that goes for your bra as well. An ill-fitting bra, not only causes the cup spillage (when your boobs seep over the edge of the bra cup), or sometimes a uni-boob (mostly caused by the overuse of a sportsbra- sports bra’s are not for everyday wear) but also causes oozing back fat from a too tight strap and back fat that seeps out from underneath an armpit. The wrong bra can eliminate a waistline by allowing  your breasts to hang!! Well not in my article!!  Call those girls to attention!!  I like them up and perky!

·       Go for the Magic Bra- This long line corset bra cinches the waist and lifts the boobs.  Gone are the days of constant tugging at your top to keep lifting that strapless bra. It also smoothes the waistline and elongates the mid-section.  This is the bra you have been searching for. 

·       Your still not a 34C- Just because you have a 34C bra doesn’t mean that that’s your proper size- Get fitted for a bra. You can go into any lingerie store and ask to be fitted properly for a bra- FREE OF CHARGE!  Gone are the days of back fat and boob ozzing- what a feeling!

·       Don’t buy a low back dress and think its ok to wear a regular bra.  The whole point it to NOT see your straps.  There is nothing worse that bra straps falling down a woman’s shoulder or peeking out from under an evening gown.  They are called undergarments for a reason and should be kept UNDER your garment!

Stockings with Open Toe Shoes
Stockings with open toe shoes?? REALLY???  How many times have you been to a wedding and sat next to a woman at cocktail hour and locked eyes on a set of toes that clawed over a shoe and was capped off with an unsightly stocking seam.  This is horrid.  Now some may be thinking- who still wears stockings.  The answer is many women.  Stockings can actually serve many purposes.  You can wear stockings with a control top waistband, which will provide tummy control.  They make your legs a bit tanner and hide unsightly veins and now thanks to modern technology can be worn with open toe shoes thanks to the toes-less version! 

Another painless option to eliminate the toe disaster is to get a spray tan- your legs will look sun kissed and youthful.  Next time you reach into your lingerie drawer and attempt to wear those stockings with your sexy sandals- Stop and think- Do I really want to be the lady people are talking about?? The answer is NO!

Maybe the reason why people don’t think about the importance of undergarments is because all too often it is thought of as a boring item to shop for, which doesn’t have to be the case. Undergarments can be purchased in an array of different colors and styles that can give them a sweet or flirty feeling, depending on the look you are going for.  Be patient and know that if you find the perfect undergarments it will only make your favorite cocktail dress , or that great top only look better!! 

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